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Destination management at its best in Ghana - and named as one of the best destinations to travel to in 2016!

Akwaaba - welcome to Ghana, a great destination to visit. It has a stable democracy and a fast growing economy and its called "the hopeful country", as it is doing so well. Not only that, Ghana has beautiful beaches, an abundancy of wildlife, friendly people, a rich cultural variety and a fascinating historical heritage. Nature is at its best in Ghana, from glorious waterfalls and coastal plains to dense tropical forests to grasslands in the north. The castles and forts of Ghana, built by the Europeans centuries ago, are well worth a visit. 

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Travel to Ghana

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Travel to Ghana

Dinner and Cultural Performance at the National Theatre
The National Theatre is a beautiful building located in the heart of Accra, near the junction of the Independence Avenue and the Liberia Road. It has hosted Galas, concerts, lectures and TEDx ACCRA. The National Theatre is a Semi -commercial and Multifunctional Institution professionally equipped to meet world standards with unique and viable customer-oriented programming in the contemporary and traditional Arts. At the National Theatre, it is world class all the way.

The main hall of the theatre will be transformed into to a gala banquet hall and decorated according to the theme of the group
The group will be served a full course dinner which will include a selection of Ghanaian specialties while they enjoy a cultural performance by Ghana’s most accomplished dance group, the Ghana Dance Ensemble. After dinner you will be invited to meet with and take pictures with the performers.
The Ghana Dance Ensemble has a tradition of identifying young, talented artistes with mastery of particular dance forms from different parts of the country and training them to express a dazzling variety of dances. Many of these dancers have gone on to lead their own companies or performed with internationally recognized groups. The directors of the Ensemble have had the challenge of transforming dance in the day to day lives of Ghanaians to stage spectacular presentations.

The Ghana Dance Ensemble comes to you as an institution established to conserve the exquisite, rich heritage of Ghana's dance cultures and to stand for the exhilarating creativity that is the essence of Ghanaian Dance.

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Continent Tours DMC: Continent Tours provides travel arrangements and destination nagement services in Ghana, Mali and neighboring countries. Our experienced, career travel professionals have long tenure in the industry and with our organization.

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